In April 2011 the Supreme Court finally put an end to a Judicial Review challenge by banks over the way they were told to assess PPI misselling claims.

Payment Protection Insurance was sold to millions of customers who took out credit cards and loans. Some didn’t know they were being sold it, others felt forced to agree to it.

In October 2010 all banks except Santander decided to lodge a court action against the FSA over the handling of PPI claims. For customers it was another blow as it meant all claims were put on hold. The Financial Ombudsman Service became strained under the pressure of dealing with held up claims.

The Court judgment is welcome relief for customers and the banks chose not to appeal the decision. This has now allowed all existing claims to be assessed. There are still millions who haven’t put in a claim for missold PPI and it is time to lodge a claim.

It is important to remember that simply because the banks have chosen not to appeal does not mean that victory is an automatic one. Each individual PPI claim will need to be assessed and of course banks may try and reject claims.

If you have been mis-sold PPI, you may be entitled to compensation from your bank or lender. We are a fully regulated claims management company and our experience will help get you the money back on your PPI claim.

Call us on 0845 463 3806 to find out more or just download one of our offer packs.

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Payment Protection Insurance. How Many Millions of People Have Thrown Good Money after Bad

Over the years, the British public have been all too eager to launch into loans and help cover financial strains. After all, there is nothing wrong in taking out a loan. Its a cushion we all need sometimes when things become desperate or when we are looking for some help in making some important purchases.

However, taking out a loan over the years has involved more than just putting pen to paper. Customers offered loans have been falling into traps unknown to them or set up to entice the most vulnerable customer into agreeing a loan. The trap is PPI. Its full name is Payment Protection Insurance and this product was often sold by loan advisers as a condition of the loan agreement. Although the products main feature is to cover repayments for sickness, unemployment and accidents, very rarely would customers be able to make a claim on PPI anyway.

Customers would be told that the PPI would have to be taken out or the loan would fail. Others would be told that PPI was an integral part of the loan set up and had to be taken out. Many didnt even realize they were being sold PPI and only recently have discovered that they have been paying huge sums of money for something they did not require and were not even told about.

The FSA has launched investigations and some banks such as HFC have received huge fines for misselling. However, firms which sold PPI still put up a strong fight when resisting claims. Compliance officers are of course paid huge sums of money to defend claims and victims of PPI misselling often are turned away with complicated rejection letters.

After endowments there is a new beast to tackle and customers who have had the misfortune of being sold PPI must fight back.

JSK Claims has helped thousands reclaim Payment Protection Insurance on loans and credit cards.

JSK claims ensures to get your  loan or credit card insurance claim processed without delay. JSK claims aim to handle your PPI Claims efficiently so you do not have to worry about anything.

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Welcome Finance declared in default by FSCS

On 02 March 2011, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) declared Welcome Finance in default. Welcome simply ran out of money and felt it could not meet demands for compensation. This simply means that the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will now meet payments provided a claim for misselling can be proven.

If you took out a loan with Welcome it is more than likely you were sold PPI. We are specialists in claiming back compensation from firms such as Welcome and others which are now in default.

If you were sold PPI by Welcome Finance do not delay making a claim. We can reclaim your money. If you have been sold payment protection by Welcome Finance and wish to claim this money back, contact us by completing our claim form or give us a call on 0845 463 3806.

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Many customers will remember with some sorrow the manner in which the bank charges fiasco turned into an ultimately unfortunate defeat for many consumers. The banks halted the stem of complaints by lodging a test case against the Office of Fair Trading and the FSA at the time issued a waiver to allow all bank charges complaints to be kept on hold.

In 2010 following countless assessments and investigations, the FSA issued guidance on the manner in which  PPI (payment protection insurance) misselling claims should be investigated. Banks were subject to intense guidance and practice directions this year.

However, in a predictable move the banks issued High Court proceedings against the FSA on the guidance they were being asked to follow. Lloyds TSB started the ball rolling and many banks soon followed in stating that PPI claims would not be investigated until the High Court review is completed. It is expected to be concluded around February 2011.

The FSA is not impressed and thankfully did not issue a waiver for banks to hold off claims. This is a significant move and shows that the FSA will not take matters lightly. It has also guided consumers to refer claims to the Financial Ombudsman Service if a bank issues a ‘hold’ letter indicating it wants to wait for the review to be completed. In essence, the FSA is standing firm and willing to enforce matters if necessary.

The stance taken by the FSA is a relief for all consumers and it has finally demonstrated its willingness to see its strength right to the end.

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Competition Commission Bans PPI sales

The Competition Commission  confirmed it will bring into force new rules which ban Payment protection insurance being sold at the point of sale. Lenders will instead have to contact customers seven days after taking out the credit agreement.

Single premium PPI policies will be banned outright. This is usually where customers would be an upfront single payment for the policy.

It is also introducing a package of measures to boost competition in the market, including personal PPI quotes for consumers, annual statements on the cover and better information to make it easier for people to shop around and switch provider.

Many people are unaware that they paid for PPI as an upfront single payment at the time a loan was taken out. If you still haven’t made a claim or are unsure if you were sold PPI, we can help. Contact us on 0845 463 3806 or download one of our offer packs and we will do the rest.

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PPI How Do I Know I Took it out?

Many people were sold PPI without realizing it was added onto the loan or on the credit card

Sales advisers would simply put it on after the sale was completed and forms were signed. many people who were just looking forward to getting some credit, didn’t realize they were being led down a pretty rough garden path.

The best way to find out whether you have or had PPI is to first try and see if you can obtain the credit agreement. This will usually tell you.

If you cant then try and find an old bank statement.

The alternative is also to contact the bank you had a loan or credit card with. It may be best not to ask them directly if you took out PPI! The bank will probably not give you ammunition to fire back at them

You could simply ask for the loan agreement number or card number for your own records. We can then lodge the claim and see what you were sold.  It is worth having a go because there is nothing to lose and you get back thousands of pounds,


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What is PPI?

PPI stands for payment protection insurance and is an insurance policy specifically created to help you keep up with your loan or credit card repayments in case you find yourself unable to work due to accident, sickness or unemployment.

In theory, this may sound a super product and some people who have taken out PPI have benefited from it. However, many have complained that when they have attempted to claim on the policy, their claim is denied, leaving them out of pocket and struggling to meet their monthly bills.

Some PPI was sold as a single premium and others were sold on a monthly premium. It all adds up and its your money.

If you have taken out PPI, there is a chance it may have been mis-sold to you. This means that you are entitled to claim compensation. With an average payout in excess of £3,000, it’s worth checking to see whether you have taken out PPI and whether you can make a PPI claim.

Don’t delay – there is a big queue building up and we are winning claims all the time. There is no complicated forms and a simple process with a 10% fee

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